Getting the heater all set up for camping

Michael is my best friend of all my friends.  When MIchael called to tell myself and others that he would be getting everyone for the camping trip, I was looking out the front door.  The rain was coming down in sheets and I could barely see the road. I looked at the backpack I had sitting by the door plus I grinned to myself knowing that I was able to tuck my portable heating system plus air purification system into my bag, along with my deodorant and toothbrush.  My mom plus dad bought myself and others a portable air purification system that is pretty small and light. It isn’t concocted to work in a large room, however it will do wonders for a tent. The heating system is nothing more than a good sized flashlight. Michael showed up plus he was so happy about the trip.  When he hefted my backpack over his shoulder, he grinned at me. He asked if I had packed the heating system plus air purification system in there, plus he knew by my return grin that I was not going if I couldn’t bring my heater with me. He shook his head plus lugged it out to the vehicle. I jumped into the cab of the truck plus he asked if I was all set and good to go.  I wasn’t really set to go, although I said I was. Every one of us picked up the other men plus they were just as anticipatory as Michael. They were all ready to get out into the forest and hills plus have a good time, even if there was rain. Michael told them I was prepared for everything plus he laughingly informed them about the heating system plus air purification system.  They all cachinnated, knowing that it wouldn’t be me, if I wasn’t prepared for every eventuality. I’m a little ready now to spend the weekend with my friends, however I’m still wishing it was in a resort with a/c and a pool.