What kind of HVAC do I want?

When I updated my HVAC system a few months back, I was struggling with my finances pretty bad, so in order to get the new HVAC equipment, I had to spend my money on all of my bills entirely late. It wasn’t until recently that I finally caught up on things, then of course that was after all the late fees and I even went into the risk of having my house foreclosed, luckily, I was able to get a lot of overtime work at my job so I was able to catch up on everything. I wasn’t able to eat or anything like that, I just didn’t have the money to eat anything. It has been entirely stressful and I have been telling my family and friends all about it. I think everybody is sick of me complaining about my new HVAC system. It’s funny, if I had my place foreclosed, the whole thing would have been for nothing. One of my friends finally asked me if I thought it was worth it to upgrade my HVAC system like that… This made me really think about it. I was thinking about how comfortable it was in my place ever since the new system was installed. The air quality was way better and the system was incredibly energy efficient. The negative things were being behind in the bills and struggling awful financially, but the system was helping me save on the energy bills, so that was good. I eventually told my friend that it really was worth it, despite the challenges I faced immediately afterwards.

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