Getting the heater tuned up right

Growing up along the northeast coast, we did not have much demand for air conditioning.  Our priority was the heating system, for at least six months out of the year. During the winter,  the temperatures stayed below freezing. As a matter of fact, throughout my childhood we did not even install any type of cooling system.  We had a forced air gas furnace for a heating system, because temperatures could get extremely chilly. My father always made sure to schedule proactive maintenance for the heating equipment  to keep it running efficiently. He set up service appointments every fall. When the temperatures began to drop, we could count on the furnace to keep the house nice and warm. If my dad had neglected service, we might not have made it through the coldest weather without a malfunction.  And the costs of heating could have been double or even triple the cost. During the holidays the one year, the heating system quit running all of a sudden. My father checked out the furnace and did what he could to get it running again. He was unsuccessful with his repairs. With the temperatures dropping steadily and a storm on the way, he called a professional for repair. We  waited on the serviceman for over an hour. He then got the heating system working again within a few minutes. The heating system had a simple maintenance issue. The technician knew exactly what he was doing, and simply cleaned the equipment. The cost for the repair was not all that much. Because my father took good care of the furnace, there was no major problems. The maintenance concern could have become more damgazing and even a safety issue if ignored.   Maintenance is necessary for any a/c or furnace. It keeps costs down and prevents energy waste.

furnace repair