Getting things started

There is nothing enjoy being a first time mom. I never realized how much having just 1 baby could change my life, however for 1, I never get enough sleep, however there are so many nice sides to being a parent that suddenly outweigh the poor 1s. My rare little daughter, Allie, is such a sweetheart. She prefers to cuddle, plus make people laugh. I enjoy her so much, plus I don’t even remember what life was enjoy without her. She has absolutely been a nice baby, however she is picky about 1 thing plus that is sleeping. She won’t sleep anywhere except in her crib in her study room. That may sound enjoy a nice thing, however it’s actually not because there are many times when all of us are not at home, plus Allie is super cranky however won’t go to sleep; Not only does she have to be in her crib in her room, however she also has to have the air conditioning on. This is a rather new thing, however she simply won’t sleep without it on. It started about a week ago when I put an a/c in her room because all of us had an entire week of actually high temperatures, plus her room was actually moderate plus stuffy. Once the temperatures cooled down, I stopped turning the air conditioning on, however Allie just wasn’t having it. She cried plus cried until I turned the a/c back on. I actually hope this is just a stage because I don’t want to have to run the a/c in the middle of the Wintertime. Motherhood is awesome, however it can be challenging at times especially if you have a picky baby.

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