Glad I sold the cooling filters

For multiple years I worked as a traveling salesperson. I would travel a routine circuit in the Midwest, plus over the course of multiple weeks I would visit seven states, thirty two towns, plus over 2 hundred businesses. Then I would return to my dwelling for a month or 2 of down time, then get in the car plus start the circuit once again. It was incredibly tiring, sure, however even worse was the mental exhaustion from doing the same thing over plus over again with no break in sight. Even worse was over the last few years my sales dropped every time around the circuit, and with air filters plus Heating plus Air Conditioning appliance accessories being sold online for prices that I really could not match, of course my sales were dropping significantly. I saw the writing on the wall, plus made a change from selling AC appliance merchandise on the road to selling it on the internet. What I learned was that by using drop-ship options I could directly sell air filters plus Heating plus Air Conditioning appliances to customers from my own dwelling. I could entirely sell more types of items with less overhead plus less overall work than in all my years as an air filter salesperson. I could also sell humidifiers, dehumidifiers, plus air cleaning appliances, plus make a superb commission for each sale! I can’t actually claim to be an expert on the internet, however what I do know is Heating plus Air Conditioning appliances. That experience certainly helps me to deal with my modern customers. I am making more Heating plus Air Conditioning appliance sales than ever before, with more free time than I know what to do with.

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