Cooling while we chilled out

My friends from high school plus I used to be entirely inseparable. Ever since every one of us began starting lives plus families of our own, every one of us slowly drifted apart. We are regularly going to be the best of friends, but I rarely ever see them anymore! Some of us have moved to unique places, plus every one of us are rarely able to see one another. However, this year every one of us had our 10 year high school reunion. I still live in the same neighborhood plus made the choice to throw a little brunch at my place before the event. I figured there were going to be a great deal of people at the reunion plus wanted to make sure that our little group had the chance to reconnect in a quieter setting. I spent weeks preparing plus planning for this special occasion, but when the day finally came, my dwelling felt like it was a million degrees! It was the middle of the summer months plus my air conditioning appliance malfunctioned! I called a local HVAC worker plus explained that I honestly needed to get my air conditioning repaired within just a few hours! As nicely as he could, the HVAC worker explained that I was entirely nuts if I thought that would happen. My husband is not handy whatsoever, but I forced him to take a look at it. We were both easily perplexed, as neither of us had any experience in heating plus cooling repairs! Finally, I had no choice but to call up my friends, change the plans, plus recommend that every one of us meet at a steakhouse. It was awful that all my planning went to waste, but I would rather not have my close buddies feeling hot plus uncomfortable before the reunion. The steakhouse every one of us went to had fully functioning air conditioning plus every one of us were able to get a table in a nice private spot. We laughed, caught up, plus drank beer for hours. It all worked out pretty well in the end.

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