Glad to relax inside by the heater

I can remember as a little child always praying for snow days. Where we lived there would be so much snow, in fact, that it was hard to get someplace on the roads. The public buses and school buses would be out of maintenance plus all the kids would get to home and play despite how cold it was outside. My sister and I just knew that we would be having a great day building snow forts and having snowball fights.

I remember coming in from playing all day and our mom would make us drape all of our cold and wet clothes and wet socks over the old-fashioned radiators that heating the whole house. The radiators would be so warm and made the house so comfortable in the winter. These are such great memories of our childhood. My parents still live in the same old house. They recently did some renovating on their HVAC system just last month. All those cold cold snow mornings must have taken a hard toll on their old HVAC system. They were looking to get something more efficient in money and energy than the old radiators they had used for over 20 years. My mom enjoyed the look plus style of the radiators. Not to mention they did keep them in place to maintain the antique look of the house, however i think that the modern heating system that they had installed has made a very big difference in the energy efficiency for heating their Victorian home in the Winter time. I sure do miss seeing our snow pants and socks hanging off those radiators on snow mornings when we were young.

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