glad we have a good cooling system

Traveling all around the country is so much fun! Each year, our hubby and has a 2 week family trip, and my family has such a fun time. Something that all of us always do is drive to wherever all of us are going, then the two of us don’t really like to fly because to us, the car ride is one of the most wonderful parts of our family trips. This past year, we went and traveled nearly 2,000 miles on our family trip, as well as I have to admit it was a bit much. The two of us own a very nice and spacious minivan that all of us usually take on our trips, however it was having some air conditioning issues, as well as the last thing that all of us wanted was to take a 2,000 mile trip without any air conditioning in the middle of the warm July! The two of us decided to rent a van as well as take it on the trip instead. The first van we tried didn’t have the greatest air conditioning either, so all of us told the corporation that all of us would care about to look at another van. Thankfully, all of us were able to find a nice, and wide open van with good AC. The drive was so nice. The two of us took our time getting to our destination because all of us were just having so much fun traveling, and the van stayed nice as well as cool as all of us drove countless amounts of miles a afternoon, but in the end, I am so thankful that all of us chose to rent a van with a good air conditioning instead of trying to take the minivan with an air conditioning that has a brain of its own. It made this past year’s trip one of our favorites!

cooling system