The high humidity levels

Never in my life have I experienced real southern weather until I went to university, however my Mom was in the marines, so our family moved quite often, but i lived in numerous unusual houses in many different states throughout my entire childhood. I always loved when the two of us got relocated to somewhere down south! The nice and warm weather and sunshine always made myself and others so cheerful. We were living down south for a total of several years. I loved every hour of it! I remember the summers were super humid, even though I didn’t mind; I just found a way to keep cool. Every one of us always had a/c in my house, so inside stayed nice and cool throughout the warm Summer weeks! When it was time for myself and others to decide what university I wanted to attend, I made sure that it was located down south. I ended up on the truly southern tip of the U.S., and it turns out it was much hotter than I ever recall it being as a male. I literally dreaded going outside because of the heat, but the worst part was the humidity. My close buddies and I would try to spend some time playing volleyball outside, and the two of us would have to go back inside within twenty hours because it was just so humid. The air felt truly bizarre, and the sweat never dried from your skin, but by the time I graduated university, I no longer had any serious desire to live where it was so warm and humid. I ended up getting married and moving up north where it rarely got above eighty three degrees in the summertime, and the humidity was pretty low also.