Glad we have great air conditioning

Every one of us all have our guilty pleasures; For some, it can be fast food. For others, it can be a stiff drink. For me, it’s ice cream! I know, it’s not exactly killing me as bad as a burger for lunch every day, but ice cream isn’t entirely healthy if you cover it in chocolate syrup as I do. I don’t even know why I dig it, because I always get a headache from the excess sugar that I take in by eating it! There’s a little shop in the mall near my house, and there’s always the same cute girl always working there when I get up my weekly dose of “healthy snack food”, but since they sell frozen dairy products, the ice cream shop is always ice-cold from the excellent air conditioner system they have running! Plus, they have to maintain a sterile environment with so many toppings open to the air, so they have an air purification system running at all times. Those things are entirely interesting to see, as they often use UV lights to disinfect pollutants from the air. If you ever want to spend time somewhere that has excellent indoor air pollen levels, go to a frozen ice cream shop! Anyway, with the air purification system and excellent air conditioning working side by side, the store is always so comfortable to be in! I’m incredibly warm-bodied by nature, so it’s heavenly for me to be in there, however everyone else grabs their ice cream and leaves, unable to rest or sit still in the cold shop – not me, I savor every moment of it! Still, I need to find a better guilty pleasure, because I don’t believe I’ll be able to fit in my clothes if I keep all this up.

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