The hot party

Last sunday we went to the birthday party for a little girl whose family goes to our church. The whole party was really cute. It was themed like the old west. All of the kids received cowboy hats and received party favors that were themed just like the party. All of the activities for the party were amazing, including the pony rides. There was a man who owned a pony and rented it out for parties on weekends for a little extra money. The party was going great, but then it began to rain on all of us. We had to run inside immediately. The man got his pony into his truck and then drove off. While the kids were sad that the pony had to leave, the adults were sad about the air quality inside of the family’s house. The air quality was so bad, it was obvious that something was wrong with the HVAC equipment as soon as we got into the house. The air through the vents was not very fresh, and it instead felt stagnant and stuffy. The rain cooled the weather off outside, which made the house feel cold and damp. I really wanted to ask the family if their heater and air conditioner had recently been inspected, but I decided not to. I thought it might be rude if I asked such a thing, given the current situation. As if on cue, the birthday girl’s father came up to me to ask if I knew off any good HVAC companies in the area. Apparently the family was looking to switch up their HVAC equipment. That answered my question right there!

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