Glad with the UV light gift

My Grandma Margie gets me the weirdest presents for my birthday.  Every year I am convinced I will never use the gift. Then, this odd thing ends up being a  game changer in my everyday life. One year, she got me a digital clock the sets itself. The clock has survived numerous years and power outages, and I rely on it.  The clock has no trouble keeping time. Grandma Margie also bought me a battery tester one birthday. I make use of the battery tester at least once a month. It is so helpful.  You would think I would learn not to doubt her choices. I wasn’t so sure when she got me UV lights to install into my cooling system. Ultraviolet lights are not all that pretty or fun! But I did what she recommended and had them installed into my cooling system. It took less than a month for me to realize how beneficial UV lights are.  For one thing, the cooling system has collects and spreads far less dust than it used to. I rarely need to change my air filter anymore! Next, I used to deal with a mold issue in my AC equipment. Not with the UV lights working. There is no mold growth on the cooling coil or algae thriving in the condensate drain. I never need take my cooling unit apart and scrub it anymore. The UV lights handle all the cleaning for me. The lights also have improved my air quality as well.  I have noticed the results. I have far more energy during the day and I just feel healthy. I am convinced this is because of the lights cleaning my AC and air quality. Now that I have enjoyed these UV lights, I will never do without them again.

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