Golf times and a/c

My friends were kind enough to invited me to go disc golfing with them just over the weekend. Despite the fact that it was an incredibly hot day, I couldn’t turn them down. It was generous of them to cover the cost for me to be in the game… So I went, despite the fact that I entirely struggled the entire time. It genuinely wasn’t just myself though, pretty much everyone was struggling pretty bad…  I couldn’t wait to get back into our automobile & crank on the cooling system by the end of the day when the people I was with and I were all through. I was perspiring so bad that earlier I dumped some water on our head. That only helped for a short while until that blazing daylight made myself and others overheated once again. After blasting the A/C for a little while in my SUV, I was feeling a lot better. I went to a rest stop to get a cool drink. Then I decided to take the next exit and grab some food for my family before I headed back home. I didn’t know if my wife was cooking a meal, despite the fact that I figured she would think it too hot to cook. I came back to the beach house with chicken, biscuits, mashed potatoes & some root beer. The youngsters were cheerful because they loved to eat chicken. Plus, my wife wasn’t cooking anything yet; she was glad to not have to worry about it. She asked myself if I had a good time, I told her about the scorching heat & how hard it was to get through without a cooling system. I was just thankful to be comfortable in the beach house; the A/C system actually felt fantastic.

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