Good pal has heated floors

My parents consistently give me a strenuous time because I like to go walking around the neighborhood late at night; I just really love to meet up with my group of buddies and just hang out for the most part.  My mother consistently tries to get me to just stay at home, and she says it would be nice if I just relaxed next to the fireplace with her or stayed inside since the oil furnace would keep us warm. She is entirely too worried about me being too chilly outside so she says to make sure I at least wear a coat when I go walking around at night.  But even when it’s really chilly outside, there are times when I just go to a friend’s lake house instead of being outside for entirely long anyway. I recently found out that one of our wonderful friends has radiant heated floors at her lake house and she also has a jacuzzi tub in her backyard. Often times, we all like to hang out over there and just relax under the stars in the boiling tub; plus those radiant heated floors are really nice too. I could absolutely just sleep on the floor, and I have on a few occasions for a matter of fact. Of course I had some blankets and a pillow when I slept over on those particular occasions. My friend said that I could sleep on the couch, but I just thought that sleeping on those toasty floors was so comfortable. My friend thought I was nuts for doing that, but hey, that’s just my preference I guess. I told my mother recently, if the family home had radiant heated floors, I think I would want to stay home more often for sure. It’s funny because I think she’s actually thinking of installing radiant heated floors now.