got to get good heating

Sometimes when you are feeling well, you just want the comfort of a little extra warmth in your house.  You don’t know why you feel poorly, but that blanket wrapped around you, warms you up and you feel better.  My puppy was feeling poorly and I wanted her to be warm and comfy. She wasn’t really a puppy, but she was my baby.  Unless you are a mommy to a dog, you have no idea what I mean. I had Penny for about fifteen years, and I knew she was getting old.  The veterinarian told me there was nothing wrong her, but the fact that she was old. She just wasn’t moving much anymore and she didn’t have energy.  Sometimes she would run around like she used to, but it was short lived. I wanted her to be as comfortable as I could, so when I went to work, I started leaving the thermostat up, like when I was home.  I couldn’t turn that thermostat down and let her in the cold. She was already hurting and not feeling well. I thought it would be cruel to turn the thermostat down and turn off her heating. I was paying the energy bill for the furnace to run.  One of my coworkers thought it was ludicrous that I would waste energy for a dog. I was so upset that I had to leave before I threw my water at her. I hope that someday when she isn’t feeling well, that someone shuts the furnace off on her and leaves her in the cold.

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