Love those heated floors

I had never heard of radiant heated flooring in a home until my mother met my future stepdad.  Before she said yes to marrying him, she took me to meet him and I got to spend some time in his house.  I was fascinated with the house and how warm it was. He told me that he had special windows and doors that had insulation within them.  After mom and dad passed away, I didn’t have radiant heating. I was busy finishing my schooling and dating my girlfriend, and I didn’t have time to finish the house my mother left me when she married my stepdad.  It wasn’t until my girlfriend and I went to a ski lodge that I rediscovered radiant heating. I had only been on the slopes for an hour, when another skier lost control and rammed right into me. As I fell, he landed on my leg and broke it in three places.  I have to admit that I screamed and then I cried like a baby. I told my girlfriend to go ahead and ski with her friends, and I sat inside by the fireplace. The fireplace was heavenly, but I couldn’t get comfortable on their couch. I ended going back upstairs and relaxing on the bed.  I could feel the heat in the room, and I realized that there wasn’t any HVAC system. I looked around so I could turn up the heat, but all I found was a thermostat. When I turned up the thermostat, I realized the heating was coming from the floor. You have no idea how badly I wanted to go in and take a shower or a bath.  

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