Gymnastics and HVAC

I am in my twenties and I still do karate everyday. I love now working on a new part of our karate each morning. Nah, I’m not going to the world championship or even competing at a lower boxing level. I teach some karate classes and I love having personal things with my own karate. What is odd is that most people are not real educated on what goes on with self defense. The equipment for the karate studio always shocks people. Yesh, I need pads, gloves, shoes and and a padded mat. But the two of us need high ceilings because you can messed up by the height. There needs to be at least one mirror so you can see your body lines. Next, a big thing is Heating, Ventilation and A/C equipment. Heating and cooling both is needed for karate. In the Winter, a little heating use goes a long way. Doing my karate skills while freezing is super dangerous. It is real straight-forward to pull a muscle and undoubtedly hurt yourself with working. The lack of heating makes it strenuous to get in the mindset too. No AC in the warm season is just as harsh. If there was no AC, it would be real easy to get sizzling and loosen those muscles. But, no air conditioner means sweat; Sweaty hands and feet are super bad! The gloves only help so much. I have slipped and broken my toe before; My hands have slipped and I have hit my own face. The cooling is just there for major sweat issues.

HVAC plan