An air conditioner scam

EAch summer time since I started school I use my trip time to travel around as well as see a lot of live concerts. My favorite concert is when it is an outdoor festival, especially the huge 1s that last for days, but concerts like that have lineups of many kinds of bands sprawling out over hundreds of audio hours, as well as I like the fun of it, even if it means sleeping in a hut for a while… For me it is all just a part of the joy of music. This last festival however, it entirely opened my eyeah to a potential good corporation chance. The way to make money is offer people a thing that they need at a great cost, as well as I saw a guy who was hawking air conditioner use. I do not mean that he had a bin at the festival full of air conditioners, not at all. This guy was particularly allowing the cooling itself, as well as he was selling it by the minute. Think about how many people are so sweaty as well as hot, as well as what they would pay for even a few moments in a nice air conditioned tent. This guy had set up a large tent, put a bunch of chairs in there, as well as then turned on a larger sized air conditioner to cool it down to meat-freezer hot as well as cold climates. He was charge a buck a minute to go in as well as rest the AC for as long as you wanted it for.

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