Had to get a HVAC technician

I always have a hard time getting started on Mondays, because I spend my entire weekend partying.  I come in in the early morning hours and I often sleep till noon. Monday seems to be the hardest to motivate myself to go to work, but I own the office, so it is there I must be.  I seemed to be having some kind of jet lag this week, that was lasting in through Wednesday. I had to drag myself out of bed just to run to work. When I got there, I realized that I hadn’t had my morning coffee yet, and I had an appointment in less than two hours.  Rushed down to the break room, hoping to be able to get some coffee so I had to time to look over my proposal for my client before he showed up. He had a habit of arriving at least half an hour early. When I got to the break room, it was really warm, and I knew I had a problem with the air conditioner again.  I went back to my office, without the coffee, and I called the HVAC company. He said he could be there in about an hour, which gave me plenty of time to get to the corner coffee shop. I was on my way out when my client was walking in. I snuck back into the elevator, so I was upstairs before he was. I wasn’t able to get my coffee, until the HVAC tech arrived to fix my air conditioning.

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