Happy learning about the HVAC

Back when my child got her own apartment I worried about a lot of things for her, but apparently I wasn’t worrying about the right things. I assumed that she knew that the apartment manager was responsible for all of the repairs she might need, and so I didn’t think much of it when she asked how to change the air filter on her Heating & A/C system. That’s usually the responsibility of the tenants. But then the following day she called back & told me that the filter didn’t fix the concern & that her air conditioning still wouldn’t turn on. So she asked me what Heating & A/C service supplier I use because she was going to have them come out & take a look at her Heating & A/C system. Well, first of all, replacing a filter will not fix an air conditioning to begin with. And second, she’s supposed to call her property owner & her property owner needs to call out the Heating & A/C business. I explained all of this to her & she said she was worried the property owner would think that she was the one who broke the air conditioning. Finally, I was able to convince my child to call her property owner & get her air conditioning fixed, since she’s not the one who broke the system. She clearly has a lot to learn about being an adult, but I know I did too at that age. I guess wisdom will come with time. I just hope the air conditioning gets fixed soon for her & that there is no drama with the property owner. I’ll call him myself if I need to. It sure is difficult letting your kids grow up.

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