The party and heating/cooling

Tonight all of us are having a party and sleepover for our youngest kid and there are so several little youngsters at our new home currently, and it’s so distracting in here that I can’t hear myself guess and they are running around like wild boys. They’re throwing things, jumping, running through the hallways, throwing themselves off of the furniture, and generally just wreaking havoc, and let me just tell you, they are heating it up in here. All of these little kids body heat is starting to heat up the entire residence! It’s a nice thing I thought ahead when all of us were planning the get together earlier this week. I knew that the youngsters were going to be acting wild, and I quickly realized that the weather outside was going to be cooling off and the hot and cold temperatures were going to too cold for them to do anything outside. And therefore I decided to go ahead and set our digital programmable thermostat before they even came over for the get together, however usually during this time of year, the heating unit is set fairly high but for the get together, I turned the thermostat temperature down very low just to make up for all of the extra heating from their little bodies! As it is, I’m still burning up in here and I had to change into shorts and a tank top instead of our jeans and our sweatshirt. They were asking me to set up a fire in the fireplace so they could make indoor s’mores, although I told them no way. It’s too uncomfortable in here already and the fireplace would just make it start heating up more than it already is!

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