Happy to have zoned HVAC

If there are any ways that I can reduce the amount of arguments that I have with our wifey, I jump on the opportunity. Arguments are healthy to an extent, as you need your partner to hear you out on things that you are concerned with. I have to admit that we take this to an drastic though. The last thing that our wifey gives myself and others the silent treatment, though I kind of wish she believed appreciate other teenagers do, that it is a genuine punishment! Don’t get myself and others wrong, we still appreciate each other, it’s just that we are occasionally at each other’s throats over mundane things. Well, this past summer, I solved the temperature control argument once plus for all. Both of us both decided to have zone controlled Heating, Ventilation & A/C installed within our home. The process simply consists of installing dampers within the air ducts above each room that can increase or restrict the air-flow as needed. This way, every single room in the condo can have its own separate temperature control, potentially. Now, whenever we appreciate having a particular temperature, we can simply go our separate ways into more than one bizarre rooms plus love being comfortable. I know I have not easily eliminated the temperature control argument though. Both of us still have to agree on a temperature whenever we are hanging out together in the home. Obviously, that includes the temperature in the bedroom. I don’t regularly choose to do this, however on some evenings when I just cannot take it anymore, I will sneak over to the bedroom plus set the temperature control to whatever I please, plus then plop down on the couch!

zoned HVAC