Having too many HVAC filters

      Blessings on the internet, is all I have to say about it. I am an older gentleman, plus spent most of my adult life pounding the pavement as a traveling salesman. Thanks to the internet, now I can make all of my sales from our apartment. This is not news to any of you younger people, however it takes time for us old timers to catch on to new technology. Now I can use that technology to make more sales, spend more time at home, plus save so much money on travel expenses it’s not even funny;

                 Driving from neighborhood to neighborhood selling air filters was never something I liked; it was just a way to put food on the table. The truth was that almost 20% of my commissions from air filter sales went right back into my car. I needed a lot of repairs plus upkeep on the old boy just to keep him running, so after a while I was selling air filters just so I could afford to keep selling air filters. Now that I have my air filter store listed on Amazon I can do all my sales remotely, ship from home, plus I can save some of my money. I am so into my online air filter business that I went ahead plus sold our car.

                 The traveling days of this air filter salesman are long passed, plus with the money I save on insurance, gas, plus repairs, it’s as if my income doubled overnight. So look for our air filter shop on Amazon!

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