Way too much a/c in our room

My friends along with some of my best buddies decided to go to the tropics together. It was going to be a great trip that everyone would be excited to go. I was particularly interested in being able to see numerous different places in our trip. So most people could save a bunch of money, the people I was with along with myself decided to assign numerous people to each of the lakefront condo rooms. This made it absolutely affordable for every one of us along with our friends to reach the desired numerous dollars. It also gave us a chance for more money to spend on beach excursions like snorkeling, wakeboarding, or parasailing. One of my buddies decided to room with me along with the fact that this was absolutely exciting news. The people I was with along with myself had been great friends for some time. This would be the first chance for us to have a night alone. The people I was with a long with myself had numerous issues with our roommate situation. The biggest issue was our temperature control differences. My friend wanted the temperature to consistently be set at a low level. I didn’t enjoy having the temperature at those temperatures, plus I didn’t pack any type of Long John underwear on my trip to the Sea. The people I was with along with myself absolutely knew this was going to be some issues, in addition to had to make bunk changes in the middle of the night. Luckily, there was another air conditioning lover in our midst.