Heated Floors

My sister moved to a very cold country about five years ago.  She married her husband when she was very young and moved very far.  It takes about seventeen hours in the plane to get to her house. They live in a very cold climate.  I was very afraid to visit them when she first moved because I don’t handle the cold weather very well.  I try to avoid it as often as I can. I tend to get cold very easily. Even when the temperature is in the sixties, I feel uncomfortable.  My sister kept trying to reassure me that they installed a state of the art heating and cooling system that doesn’t allow them to feel the outside temperatures whatsoever.  I really doubted that this could be the case, but I still sucked it up and went to visit her about three months after she moved. When I first arrived to the airport, I was freezing.  I didn’t know how I was going to last three weeks in that climate. However, when I walked into her home, I changed my mind. My sister has heated floors, which kept the entire home warm and at a consistent temperature.  I was able to walk around her home without socks on and felt perfectly comfortable. The bathroom floors were even heated! I walked out of the shower and felt a warm floor beneath my feet every morning. This luxury was amazing.  I didn’t leave her house during those three weeks whatsoever because I wanted to stay indoors where I was warm and comfortable. After that initial visit, I have gone back to see her many times.

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