My family is very into football.  We take football season very seriously.  We spend all year looking forward to the start of the football season.  We help the time pass by making football predictions and discussing lineups.  The best part of football season is tailgating. We arrive at the football stadium around seven in the morning with lots of food and alcoholic beverages.  We spend hours celebrating before we go into the stadium and watch our team win. Nothing stands in our way of tailgating. We even go in the middle of winter when it’s snowing outside.  We actually have a very nice setup that keeps our family and friends comfortable while tailgating outside. My dad purchased a huge tent that has walls and doors. It keeps all of the snowfall away from our friends and family.  My mom decided to purchase four large gas heaters for tailgating as well. We used to get so cold that our fingertips would get numb. A few times, some of us caught colds from tailgating in such cold weather. It became quite uncomfortable.  My mom made such a great decision. We place the gas heaters around the perimeter of the tent. It keeps us so warm, even during the worst snowstorms. Our tailgating tent is the most popular spot because of the gas heaters. Our tailgating crew has grown rapidly over the years because of the gas heaters.  Who knew such a small investment could make our tailgating experience so much better. Because of these gas heaters, I look forward to tailgating in the winter.

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