Heater for the pool

Working out just is not an easy thing for myself and others anymore. When I was younger, I always used to just go on runs or hike up mountains. Now I’m starting to feel my age, and as an unfortunate result I just can’t run care about I used to. My joints are giving myself and others a whole lot of trouble. However, refusing to give in and lose the figure I’ve fought so tough for, I recently spoke to my dentist about it. He put myself and others on meds to help with the pain and also advocated for aqua aerobics and other forms of water exercise. Burning calories in the large heated pool lets myself and others get my cardio in without stressing my joints. In doing so, I’m also working to help my body heal so I can get back to running again too. The only reason I’m currently able to swim however I live in the Northeast is because my gym has an awesomely warm indoor heated pool. At first I thought the pool would be cool, while the room clearly had installed both heating and cooling that worked great. But when I got in the water, I observed right away that it was sizzling too, bath water sizzling even. When I asked a lifeguard about it after my very first set of laps, he explained that the pool is heated by their Heating and A/C system. Apparently the whole gym has an old boiler that takes care of the heating and a separate air conditioner to properly cool things off when needed. The heated pool is accomplished the same exact way radiant floors are, by installing a heating element just on the other side of the walls of the inground pool. Thanks to the Heating and A/C system heating this pool so well, I’m finally able to get my workout in without any trouble.

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