Heating and cooling in the same unit

I absolutely love to travel.  There is so much to learn and experience from each and every place that I visit.  In April, I planned a trip to the Rocky Mountains for a train tour. I made sure to check the expected temperature for this area before I left.  The forecast temperatures were in the high seventies. I was elated. However, after one day it snowed. I would describe myself as a cold natured person, so I do not like cold weather.  There was no way that I was going to venture outside now. I had not planned on staying inside much during my stay, so I didn’t have any reading material or anything else to distract me. I did however, stumble on a TV program that was about the technological advances in heating and air conditioning systems. Normally a show on HVAC technology would not gain my attention but I was annoyed with the weather.  The ideas that I liked the best were the technologies that focused on individual heating and cooling comfort. The show stated that HVAC counted for 13 percent of American energy consumption overall and 40 percent of the energy used in a typical American home. To prevent waste of energy, a program was organized, to research ways to better control personal body heat. My favorite idea was a personal robot that followed the user around tracking them by their phone and blew either cold or hot air in your face or on your feet. This would be super convenient for couples who bickered over the thermostat setting. I also thought that a personal HVAC robot would be pretty helpful with the boredom I was facing at the moment.

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