I’m so happy about the boiler

After school, my girlfriend moved in with her friends.  This worked out good for the first two years however now that we are older and we are  getting serious, it would be nice to have a place to ourselves, mainly because someone is always coming or going at her house.  I still live with my parents, unfortunately. We had a talk and we decided the reasonable decision would be to get a place together. The search began about 3 weeks ago and it is not looking good, we can’t seem to find a venue that both of us agree on.  She cares mainly about the where it is located in the city and what we can see from the windows, I am picky about the amenities of the neighborhood plus the price. The two of us need to come to some sort of regular ground if both of us are going to coexist  for any amount of time. I have tried to narrow down the choices to make it easier for her, plus I am willing to pay a few extra dollars a month to meet her requirements. My main request, above all others, is the fact that the venue needs to have an outstanding Heating, Ventilation, plus A/C system.  No window units or portable oil furnaces to keep us content. Luckily, this is one area that both of us can agree upon so at least that is a start. The last house we looked at had a good boiler system for heat during the winter however no option for air conditioning at all! The property owner said that window units were not even an option, for fear of ruining the window frames.. I have high hopes that we will eventually find the right place for us.

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