High a/c in the classrooms

It’s a space of life to graduate from high school in addition to go on to college. Even though most people don’t want to continue on with their studies, there really isn’t much idea left other than to do that. Since being a small child, I have always wanted to go to college in addition to learn how to be a doctor. Even after spending all of those years in high school, I still wanted to finish another 8 years in the medical field. Every one of my friends in addition to myself would spend most of our time being unquestionably cold in the library. Every one of my friends in addition to myself would spend time in the library studying for all of our test. The library had a great deal of private rooms, even though none of them really were drafted to the furnace in addition to cooling program. My friends in addition to myself honestly try to get there in the afternoon, when the place was pretty busy. With all of the students inside, you could hardly tell at all that the furnace was not asking properly. My first two years of medical school, I had to go to the library with a jacket on. It was on questionably cold inside, in addition to the fact that the furnace was hardly ever enough to keep everyone warm. I read in our school flyer a couple of years ago, that they finally decided to do something about the terrible indoor air quality in the library. They upgraded the entire furnace and cooling program, and even added a few more learning and axes.