This system is ductless

I have a getaway house up in the hills.  The terrain plus the weather are much different those here at our city condo.  Primarily, I bought it to be able to have our kids care about a get away in a locale with a more classic 4 season environment.  The getaway home is fairly primitive. There has been no heating and air conditioning to speak of in the property. There is a wood stove for heat in the Winter season–it can run you out of there when it gets really fired up.  However, there has never been any sort of modern heating and air conditioning system. Now that the boys are older, my family spends quite a bit more time at the new home in the summertime. There is a lake within walking distance plus just miles of hiking trails.  It really is ideal for my partner and our boys. However, the more the four of us stay there, the more I’m leaning toward finding an air conditioning solution. I’m not too wild about a window AC. I just don’t like them–they are just so incredibly noisy. Kind of defeats the purpose of all that serenity.  Besides, the AC for the getaway home needs to be something myself, my partner, the boys can install. My partner and I’ve been looking on the internet, I’m certain we have found the answer. There is a fairly new heating and air conditioning idea called the mini split heating and cooling system. The mini split component is completely ductless plus doesn’t block a window.  The air handler is mounted high atop an exterior wall. It’s then connected to a small condenser which is tucked up under the eaves of the getaway house. We’ve studied the schematics so, we’re fairly confident our boys plus the two of us can get this thing installed properly. It may take us the better half of a weekend, but it will be totally worth it.

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