Hot head breaks AC

My son has quite a temper, and lately it has caused some problems. Last month, he was angry at work and decided to scream and yell at his boss. His boss didn’t take that well, and he almost got fired. He received a week of suspension and loss of pay. During his time away from work, he decided to go fishing every day. He didn’t have a license, and caught a warning from the fishing and Game Commission. My son came over last weekend to help my husband install an A/C unit in the upstairs. We are expecting company in the upcoming months, and wanted an A/C unit to provide cool comfort in that space. Jared came over to help my husband with the A/C unit, because it is very heavy. Jared and his dad carried the A/C unit from the basement, all the way to the upstairs bedroom. When they entered the room, Jared hit his knee on the side of the wall. He yelled and screamed and cursed, and dropped the A/C unit on the floor. I heard my husband yell at Jared for dropping the machine. That’s when Jared decided to kick the side of the A/C unit. He told my husband the old machine was junk, and walked out of the bedroom. That was the last time my son was in our house. I don’t know why he is so angry lately, but I think it might be time to confront the problem. If he is having trouble at work and at home, surely we can find something to help the situation.

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