Hot HVAC Guy

Today I had to stop at the local dollar store to get some helium balloons for a birthday party that we’re having tomorrow. I was planning on getting about a dozen balloons in different bright colors to decorate for the party. I also was planning to get some paper cups and plates and maybe even some crepe paper if they had any. When I pulled into the parking lot, a really big Heating and Air Conditioning maintenance van came barrelling in through the parking lot and screeched to a stop in the parking space next to me. I read the side of the van, since the HVAC logo on the side was pretty eye-catching. It said “Heating you up and cooling you down for the past 20 years!” I thought that was a pretty cute turn of phrase for a local heating and air conditioning company. Well, then the HVAC technician opened up the door of the van and jumped out to head into the dollar store. Let me just tell you, he was just about the cutest guy I had ever seen, and boy, did he fill out that heating and air conditioning maintenance uniform! I made eye contact with him as we walked into the store and I couldn’t help but notice all of the tattoos on his very well-muscled arm. He caught me looking and he said that he gets some good workouts while he’s moving and installing heating units and central air conditioning units. I told him I could tell and then I asked him if he was personally heating anyone up that evening. He laughed and said no, and now we are going to dinner!