No air conditioning for the mascot

If I had to rank my work history based on overall difficulty, it would be in this order: Amazon delivery driver, factory supervisor and sports mascot. All of these tasks were amplified in difficulty due to living in the South, where the summer time lasts for more than nine months of the year! Being a delivery driver was rough since I had to drive outside for sixteen hours a day, and rarely had the day off. I had a set forty-hour schedule as a factory supervisor, but the stress of the task brought a lot of unneeded strain and difficulty! Finally, being a sports mascot was the worst. Local football might run in the late summer time and into fall, but again, this isn’t guaranteeing cold weather in the South! It was expected of me to dance around and be the most spirited spectator at the sports games, even if it was over a hundred degrees outside without a cloud in the sky. If you believe it’s tepid in the stands with no misting fan or other cooling system to cool you down, try dancing in a mascot costume covered in thick cloth and fake fur, with actually zero air flow. I suffered from heat-stroke while I performed at four consecutive games. By that point my local school realized that something needed to be done to help me stay cool, but that’s when they updated my mascot helmet with a single version that had a built-in evaporative cooler! The helmet already weighed about seven pounds, so I didn’t notice the extra weight of the fan and water bag used to add mist. The first game I used this on was actually incredible – the difference was amazing! Having my own built-in cooling system device greatly improved the air quality inside my mascot gear, allowing me to get through the game without nearly passing out from heat stroke. The fans must’ve noticed the difference too, as I was a lot more lively throughout the halftime show. I still would’ve favored an actual air conditioned suit, but this was a good start. I’m ecstatic I now have a job at an IT firm in an office with excellent central cooling system and good air quality – I don’t believe I could’ve done another summer time in that suit!

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