How great is this

When my family moved from the Northeast coast to the desert region of the Southwest, I was not cheerful about the big decision. I was just finishing up my Junior year in High School & the very last thing I wanted was to be the “new stupid kid” for my final year.  I tried to arrange to stay for a while with friends for that last college year however my parents wouldn’t hear of it. Now I can’t imagine residing anywhere else. In fact, I’m so happy here that I am in the process of buying my first house. My parents commanded that I go out and hire an independent inspector to go over the lake house thoroughly & make sure everything was superb before I signed any important papers. I hired a guy that came highly commanded by a good friend of mine however when he handed myself and others his long list of things that he felt needed to be fixed, I had to laugh out loud.  In large letters at the top of the list was, “swamp cooler needs to be updated ASAP”. I think he could see that I was perplexed because I definitely had never heard that term & I knew the people I was with and I didn’t have anything similar to a “swamp” in our area. Both of us barely got any rain throughout the year, just let alone had kneeling water. He laughed & explained that this actually was a term used to describe the type of a/c component that they already had at the house. This component cools the air through the evaporation of normal water. I could use a little moisture in my life, so I wound up buying the house.

A/C unit