HVAC and the air cleaner

I lived on a pig farm way back almost twenty several years ago, with my then new spouse plus step kids. It was an interesting experience…to say the least. To get to the nearest grocery store, you had to make a near morning trip out of it; it was that far our in the boonies… The closest grocery store was well over 40 miles away! Not to mention, there were no neighbors or anything for miles–you could literally shoot someone plus absolutely get away with it. That is how far out it was in the middle of nowhere! I did find peace in this kind of lifestyle for a while, aside from the grocery store travelling. However, the single thing that did finally got us to transfer away plus sell the place was the air quality. You see, we had to have a burn pile for all trash, since there was no trash collections out here, however and from burning all that stuff, the air quality was awful! We could have just got an whole-home air purifier installed into our Heating, Ventilation plus A/C unit if this had happened today. The heating plus cooling also was not the best: our central air conditioner only worked right half of the time. Plus the gas furnace was all done by gas furnace… Which, anything with gas makes me nervous, especially gas furnaces. My spouse and I sold the place about 17 years ago plus ever since have been residing in a normal suburban village. And today, we have the latest in Heating, Ventilation plus A/C technology, including radiant radiant floors plus an whole-home air purifier. I do not miss that pig farm for a second!

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