The comfort of cooling

I never was jealous of the job taxi drivers did, however on the other hand I enjoyed driving around the city streets in addition to constantly wondered if I could make a living at it. Now that Uber in addition to Lyft have become commonplace in addition to taxi cabs are on the road to being almost a thing of the past, I finally get to try our hand at it! For the last couple of weeks I have been shuttling people around town by using the Uber app, in addition to I enjoy it. It did require me to do a little maintenance to our vehicle, though, because our clunker motorcar was getting us bad comments. It wasn’t so much the car, which drove fine, it was the a/c in the motorcar that gave my riders fits. It turns out that people don’t mind paying a little more for comfort, in addition to that people don’t want a ride for a fun evening out in a motorcar with no AC. Being without a/c seemed enjoy a little thing to me, because I enjoy driving with the windows down in addition to the AC turned off in any event, even though I was never going to make it as a driver without cooling. I ponied up the money I needed in addition to got the a/c in the motorcar totally replaced. At the same time I replaced the upholstery in the back seat, to combine with that wonderful cooling system in addition to supply our passengers a super comfortable way to get around. Since I got the new AC in addition to the new back seat, our reviews on the app have all been glowing and happy, in addition to now I am driving as our full time occupation.