HVAC as a kid

Growing up in a warm, humid climate, having reliable heating & cooling units was essential to our comfort.  However our cooling system was the most important appliance. As it was with other families in our neighborhood, air conditioning was necessary to keeping us cool nearly every single day.  Every family in our area had an HVAC contractor on standby in case the air conditioner needed to be serviced; Regular cooling system upkeep was essential for efficient operation. HVAC businesses are abundant in that area.  Keeping a home cool in a hot, humid conditions is essential for overall comfort levels to be maintained. Even when I was a little kid, I knew of many HVAC services in our local area. Regardless of whether or not a family on our street owned their home, they always knew someone who ran an HVAC business or worked for a local HVAC company. Even though our area of the country was typically hot, humid, & sticky during  the Summer months, we were all so accustomed to the heat that as soon as the temperature dropped, we started heating. We were so conditioned to the warm weather and wearing shorts, tank tops, & flip flops, that when the weather turned a little cooler, we immediately switched to heavy overcoats. Once the temperature fell below fifty in the evenings, we turned to our heating unit for help. The furnace was as rare as the a/c unit was common. Fortunately, HVAC companies were kept busy year round because all continual temperature requirements in our homes.

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