Need to have smart HVAC


I purchased a FitBit before the models were wearable. It just clipped to my pocket or my belt. It was super cool to be able to keep track of how many steps I was taking.  This gadget helped to encourage me to get up & move around every once in a while. I have since updated my FitBit to the wristband model with a built in heart rate monitor.  This had made me extremely interested in tracking everything I do. Last month, I bought a bed with built-in tracking technology. It shows me how often I’m sleeping soundly, how often I’m tossing & turning, & when I tend to wake up. It has been effective in making sure I get a better night’s sleep. I believe my next upgrade will be a smart thermostat.  This innovation will allow me to track my heating & cooling usage more closely. I was consulting with my local HVAC provider about it when he was at the house to perform yearly cooling system maintenance. The technician said that it would be quite simple to install, & the smart thermostat would trim my energy costs. She said he could install a separate thermostat in each room of the house, which would let me  program the cooling system or furnace to condition occupied areas. I could actually link all of this technology together. The FitBit, the mattress, & wifi thermostat would work together to improve my daily life. I would be able to control everything from my iphone. If I am heading home after taking the dog for a long walk, I can make sure that me bedroom is the perfect temperature for sleeping. I am so happy with this smart technology!