HVAC buried under the ground

Over the years I have had more than my most honorable share of oddball shoppers. Living this far north and in isolation, this far away from proper civilization, both of us get a lot of outcasts as well as total weirdos. It is my task to feed my family with my business, so that means I constantly deal with every person as if they aren’t totally, brutally creeping me out, even when they are. Last year, though, was absolutely the strangest task I have ever worked, yet the people who hired me were so very nice I could never quite reconcile it. Have you ever seen that show on TV – Doomsday Preppers, with people making really nice bunkers? My little Heating as well as A/C supplier business was contracted to install a state of art air circulation as well as filtration method directly into a subterranean fallout shelter. These folks were planning for a coming nuclear attack, as well as wanted to make sure the air quality as well as climate control options would be enough to support all 7 of them. I wasted no time and told them straight out that all that specialized Heating as well as A/C device would work out to cost them a pretty penny, however they said price was not a real issue. The world was ending anyhow.  I outfitted them with the best possible air filters, with several backup power supplies as well. I installed state of the art ductwork, as well as personally installed more than one certainly small heating elements in each room to keep the whole underground place reasonably warm during the winters. The cooling method was less problematic, because it’s cold underground naturally. I decided that with enough insulation in place, as well as a great air circulation method to keep everything moving, that really the cooling method didn’t need to be certainly large.

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