The show needs good cooling

My friend Cherry is a genuinely amazing vocalist, then i often tell my partner that I would want to go into town late at night to see her perform even if she wasn’t my friend, as well as I would always want to be her friend even if she couldn’t sing or dance a lick! As it turns out, both of us are the best of friends and colleagues as well as she is one of my number one singers that I have ever heard! Earlier this very month she was playing a live set at the One Love Diner, which is a local, trendy, hipster outdoor bar as well as grill in my town. I don’t like their variety of food, however their Bloody Marys are divine, for sure.  I do not like that there is no climate control, as you would expect from an exclusively outdoor arena. If the place was a proper eatery or bar, with some sort of cooling system to make the humidity a little more tolerable, I would absolutely pack up and come here all the time. As it stands, the lack of AC means I only come here when Cherry is playing a show, there is an indoor area, of course, however it is only a very tiny waiting part that is air conditioned, but you can go up to order food from the window, or drinks from the bar, as well as like a little breeze of cooling air while waiting for your order to come up. As we all know, Cherry delivered an amazing set of tunes, however I found myself lingering off to the side the whole time, grabbing a little blast of cooling system whenever a waitress emerged from the cool room door! Despite the lack of cooling system, I had a very great time enjoying my best friend perform.

ac unit