HVAC control in my own space

I reside part time in the south, as well as part time up in the far north. Unfortunately, my travels have me in the opposite arena I would deeply care about being in at the time. In the Summer, the north is  appealing. You have just the spot-on right amount of heating as well as no humidity at all. However I am stuck in the south for the Summer. I spend the whole time hiding inside with the a/c locked on high. The A/C inside my house cannot handle the humidity outside. I usually set my thermostat to 68 or 69 degrees. My thermostat has study to be 75 degrees before. The cooling system has been fully cleaned as well as worked on by a Heating as well as Air Conditioning company. Still, my A/C system cannot handle the heat. I am just uncomfortable the whole time. During the Winter season, the south is  appealing though. The humidity leaves as well as it feels really quite pleasant. I could work out in my backyard. I could host parties in my grass for once. But nope, I am in the north while in this time. In the north, the snow comes down in feet as well as dangerous black ice is everywhere. I have to run my heating system all day, everyday. I can’t even flip the heating off when I go to work. The reason is that it is so cold, the new home would be an deep freeze by the time I got back. It is possible that my pipes might even freeze. The heating system operates the same as the A/C in the south. It can’t truly handle the dire cold. So again, I am very uncomfortable the whole season. I wish I could swap locations or get better Heating as well as Air Conditioning for my 2 homes.

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