The heated flooring plan

Over this past year, my life has gone by super fast. My daily schedule has been pretty hectic. After moving to a new city for work, I signed a lease on an apartment.  It has the bare necessities and little else. I don’t pay much in rent. The plumbing, electric and basics are fine. The cooling system is good enough to handle the mild summer seasons here.  However, the heating system is cause for concern. It can’t handle the colder weather. The heater runs and runs and yet even my small apartment is chilly. Because it’s constantly running, my utility bills are super high.   I don’t usually complain, but last season’s Winter heating bills just about drained my budget. And I spent the whole time shivering. I needed to buy a heated blanket for my bed. I contacted the property owner and explained the situation.  He offered to call a licensed HVAC contractor and pay for a complete maintenance of the heating system. I needed to take a day off from work to meet the HVAC contractor. He serviced the heating system quite quickly, cleaning all of the components and making adjustments.  When he was finished, the performance of the heating system was slightly improved. The air no longer smelled musty and it wasn’t spreading dust throughout the apartment. However, it still couldn’t keep up with the super cold weather and ate up a tremendous amount of energy.  The property owner either needs to upgrade the heating unit, or I need to start looking for a new apartment. I can’t afford to spend so much on energy bills, and I’m tired of bundling up in layers of sweaters and nearly freezing to death.

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