HVAC equipment and supplies

When I decided to become a large business accountant, I had no method where my career would begin, shortly after college ended for me, I started to apply for accountant positions, then i thought I would end up crunching numbers all day every day in a cubicle somewhere. A local staffing agency took all of my information preemptively, so they could look for accountant works as well, and they called a few weeks later out of the blue, with a undoubtedly interesting job offer. A local ventilation supply business was now looking for an accountant. They were a small ventilation supply Company I hadn’t heard of, but they were busier than most venues. The ventilation supply Company was clearly responsible for supplying ventilation products to most of the east coast. The yearly sales they reported were in the million-dollar range; For a small business, this ventilation supply business was certainly making a stack of paper. I went to the interview plus the ventilation supply Company went and hired myself and others the same morning. I have been with the business for 15 years, plus the business has doubled in size since I first started. The people I was with and I now have 3 different ventilation supply warehouses way out on the East Coast. I am in charge of thousands of client accounts plus millions and millions of dollars, but during the numerous years I have already worked for this ventilation business, I have even l received a great deal about the entire Heating, Ventilation, plus A/C business. One great thing is knowing a lot of different Heating, Ventilation, plus A/C businesses. In the event of an HVAC home emergency, I have a lot of friends to call.