Unusual noises with the heater

Curious and strange things tend to happen when I turn off the lights; Lately, I’ve heard an odd noise that sounds love ghosts, but i am sure it isn’t really ghouls or ghosts, although I can’t locate the sounds source. The odd and different sounding noises have been occurring for a month now, & I can’t figure them out. I’ve been trying to turn off all of the lights & electronic equipment at bedtime, so I know that it isn’t white noise. I checked the refrigerator & the toaster! Everything seems to be really working out fine. I only hear the noise when the lights are off, which is strange. I thought the odd sounds were coming from the ceiling fan. I even tried to sleep without the fan, but the indoor air quality and pollen levels was too uncomfortable, and my wifey thinks that I’m going crazy. The only sounds in our apartment, are the normal sounds of living! He said it’s merely the sound of the heating system turning off & on. I would agree, but the noises started happening long before the heating system was in use. I hear the different noises, even when the heating system isn’t turned on and running. I feel it’s time to call the landlord & have them look into the odd heating system noise. If my wifey is right about the heating system, then maybe it’s going to entirely stop really working a single night. The outdoor nightly temperatures are too cold to sleep without having heat. The heating system is our number a single priority while in this time of the year. If our heating system has no issues, then my wifey & I are going to contact a medium. I have to find out the source of the noises. I feel love it’s making myself and others crazy.

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