HVAC for the holidays

This is our number one fave time of the year, for so numerous weird reasons. I love getting together with all our friends and our family, enjoying delicious food and drink, and reflecting on the year gone by. I love giving gifts to people, and if I have the spare time, it is a great time to volunteer at local soup dining rooms and various homeless shelters. I am fully filled by the goodness and spirit of this holiday season, although I usually labor 10 to 12 hour days throughout the entire month of December. I don’t mind the long hours, because I can make more currency in one month than I normally do in 11 months. I am an Heating as well as A/C serviceman, specializing in making very fast and economical repairs to heating and cooling systems. I don’t sell up-to-date equipment, not do I do full plan upgrades or ductlabor replacement, all I do is get the machines up and working again, then during the winter, when so numerous people has dealer, almost everyone wants to have their oil gas furnaces and gas gas furnaces to be toiling well. I will even go do some emergency Heating as well as A/C repairs on Christmas eve or day, because I can charge up to quadruple our normal rate and people are thrilled to pay it. I get honestly little sleep for the entire month, because I am either celebrating the holidays with people, or toiling strenuously on oil furnaces. Once December finally rolls around, I will usually take a month off just to relax and recharge our batteries, which is one of the numerous great things about owning and operating your honestly own Heating as well as A/C repair business.

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