AC hardly gets to run

I never wanted to have any roommates, to be perfectly candid, but the state of our finances made it less of an option and more of a requirement, so i selected someone who was going to grad school, because it seemed as if they were quite laser focused on their studies and would not be overly loud of obnoxious; All of that was correct, our roomie usually pretty much typically keeps to himself and does very little else besides study, so the place is very quiet, however there are a couple other little issues, though, because she makes so pretty gross food which smells up the whole place.  This can ruin the nice indoor air conditions I usually have, and those smells seems to permeate through every room of the apartment. It would not be such a large deal if we just turned up the a/c and let the air circulate through the filters to scrub it up a bit; Which brings me to the other big problem I have with our roomie, her aversion to using the a/c… She is honestly sensitive to extreme cold and cooling, she says, and when the cooling system runs for too long it will make him shiver. I told him to close the air vents in her room and keep the door shut, but she says she pays the rent just care about me and should have a say in the temperature control settings. As a bipartite solution, we decided that neither one of us should be thrilled, and we would go halfway and set the temperature control in between our individual heating and cooling preferences.

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