HVAC related problems

Outdoor weddings are never a good idea. I get what the bride is thinking, the pictures will look better. It also sounds way more romantic and cooler. You get to walk down your aisle and there are flowers. The birds are singing while you cut the cake. You can dance outside among nature. How sweet right? Well no matter the weather, somebody’s going to be unhappy. How we dress for weddings is just plain stupid. The men and women are dressed so startling different that climate control is not possible. The women are always is little dresses with shoes that don’t cover their whole foot. So if it is even mildly cold out, the women all freeze to death and want heating. If the sun is out and warm, the men in their suits are sweating buckets. They want AC cranked to the max and women want some heating. What can you do about this? If the venue is indoors, you have better luck. The thermostat could be set to a moderate temperature. Have it lean a little towards cooling. This way the men can give their jackets to the women. Figure people warm up with the dancing and booze anyway. AC is a good idea. Outdoors though, you are at the mercy of the elements. It is never subtle and mild weather during a wedding ethier. Somebody is either going to be so hot they have pit stains or so cold that they are shaking. No outdoor cooling or space heaters can help either, when you are outside in a wedding.