HVAC technology really matters

I have always been “last to the party” when it comes to technological innovations. I was slow to switch to an iphone, slow to start a Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram. I was hugely late to the Game of Thrones phenomenon, and I am absolutely NOT keeping up with the Kardashians. The worst is probably being behind on the new television show that everyone is raving about, because you get all of the spoiler alerts before you can even start the show. I grew tired of being behind on all things new and exciting, so I joined the rest of the world. I have four social media handles, an iphone 7 plus (the largest phone in existence) and I now say to people, “You must be joking, you aren’t on Snapchat?” I have to admit, I have taken it a little overboard lately. I have three tablets, a smart watch, and my next step is a Smart Home. I want to be able to be control the heating, cooling, and security of my home from my phone and tablets. From what I understand, HVAC engineers have had to innovate new HVAC technology for heating and cooling solutions to keep up with the rest of the world’s tech trends. Heated floors, ductless HVAC systems, variations of temperature control, and air quality aspects. I am going to need to call an HVAC company quite soon to get some quotes. I would like to be ahead of the game for once in my life so I hope my contractor works quickly. I can then look back on the days where I was the last to have anything new and smile.

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