HVAC upgrade at work

You know those periods of time when everything feels completely stagnant and hopeless? When you’re just holding on for something big to happen to change your circumstances, but that event never seems to come? Well, that’s how things have been in my life lately – both personally, and at my place of work. I’ve been feeling pretty disheartened and ready to throw in the towel on all fronts, but I think that things are finally looking up. Now it feels like a period of extreme manic activity is upon us, instead, and I foresee major changes happening very rapidly. For instance, we just found out that we are getting a new truck, a new grain silo, and now a new AC unit at work! All in the course of about 2 days. We’re all very excited for the increased production activities, but even more-so the increased indoor air temperature control! Everyone has been talking endlessly about the powerful new AC unit, which supposedly will be able to lower the indoor air temperature throughout our entire factory! That means no more humid afternoons where the air is so thick you can’t even breath. No more dripping water from the old AC unit, which has been slowly creating water damage to our facility. No more expensive emergency HVAC service calls when the cooling system unexpectedly overheats and shuts down. Everyone is so excited about the prospect of decent indoor air quality that they have already tossed their shorts and purchased new full length work pants. I’m excited about the lower bills, longer time between HVAC repairs, and most of all… less sweaty, smelly boys in the Georgia heat.

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